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Examiner Recruitment

There will not be an IELTS Speaking Examiner training course until March 2019 at the earliest. IF a course is scheduled, information about the exact dates will be posted in December 2018, so please check this page at that time. You will need to apply at least two months before the course date. Attendance hours are 8:45 am to 6:00 pm approx. on both days of the course (Friday and Saturday). The course fee is $300. The stages of recruitment are: application; evaluation by the selection panel; invitation to successful applicants to attend an interview; an induction evening two days before the course for those successful at interview; the two-day training course, culminating in an IELTS Certification test (three hours approx.). Trainees who pass Certification are invited to become Speaking Examiners. All Examiners must commit to examining regularly on Saturdays, but offers of work depend entirely on demand for test places. Examiners are expected to commit to testing sessions weeks in advance and avoid withdrawing close to test dates except in case of illness or emergency.

Applications may be sent once the course dates have been announced, and will be acknowledged and placed on file. As soon as the application has been evaluated, applicants will be informed of the outcome and whether or not they are invited to the interview stage. Please see application instructions below.

  • Applicants should commit to working regularly at one or more sites.
  • The course fee is $300.
  • Applications and all supporting documents must be scanned to PDF in one document and emailed.
  • Do not send multiple separate documents and attachments.
  • All original documents will be sighted at the interview stage, along with 100 points of ID.

Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre delivers tests at three sites: Macquarie University North Ryde Campus (main site), Sydney University Darlington Campus, and Sydney University Cumberland Campus, Lidcombe (secondary sites). To be eligible for training, you will need to commit to examining exclusively for this Test Centre for at least two years after Certification. Tests are conducted on Saturdays roughly every two weeks, with about 5 hours of examining work for each Examiner each test. Therefore you should live within travelling distance of all three venues.

  • Sydney University

    Darlington Campus
  • Macquarie University

    North Ryde Campus
    (Main Site)
  • Sydney University

    Cumberland Campus

  • IELTS Confidential Reference Requests (see below) should be completed, signed, scanned and emailed by your chosen professional referees at least two weeks before the course date.
  • References must come from the referees' email addresses rather than your own.
  • Jessica McCarthy
    (02) 9850 7675
  • Building address:
    Macquarie University
    IELTS Test Centre
    Level 1, 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave
    Macquarie University,
    Sydney NSW 2109

The complete application PDF must contain the following:

  1. The application form, signed in handwriting in five places
  2. The Attachments A and B (part of the application form)
  3. A resume with all relevant adult TESOL employment periods noted by month and year from/to. Complete the TESOL Employment Record if there is any doubt about the length of your relevant experience
  4. Scans of your Bachelor level and any teaching and TESOL-related qualification certificates (academic transcripts of TESOL qualifications may be needed).

We will need to sight originals of all these documents if you are invited to an interview. Please sign the application form in all five places where signatures are required. Scan and email all pages of your application including certificates. We will require scanned copies of them even if they are framed and hard to access.

Please download and read carefully the documents below before completing and sending the application:

For further enquiries please call:
(02) 9850 7675

Available Courses

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